Products and Processes

Our Products

High-Quality Prototypes that Respond to Customer Needs with High Precision and Speed


  • Our extensive track record spans a variety of areas, including automobiles, motorcycles, electronic equipment, medical equipment, and toys.
  • We use a ZAS (zinc alloy) main mold and individually placed aluminum pieces for prototype mold production to achieve quick delivery times.
  • We design molds and produce prototypes without the use of drawings, even for products with complex 3D shapes, and in 2 to 5 weeks after receiving the specifications.
  • Thanks to our experience with a wide variety of molding materials as well as our heat-resistant molds and high-temperature molding technologies, we provide products such as super engineering plastics and development materials with quick delivery times.
  • In addition to high-mix low-volume production, we possess insert molding technologies for metal nuts, non-woven fabrics, and more, allowing us to respond flexibly to customer needs.
  • In addition to offering mold design and production, molding, and assembly (welding), we guarantee that our processes are high quality.
  • We provide high-quality products with quick delivery times regardless of whether or not they are functional or exterior parts, and we also handle surface treatment depending on the needs of the customer.

Integrated Production System

“Our company’s integrated production system is based on skilled teamwork, and our manufacturing experience continues to increase.”

What is the integrated production system?

We use this system in-house for all aspects of any product a customer requests, from beginning (design stage) to end (product inspection). To meet a customer’s needs, including quantity and delivery date, we offer proposals and our two enterprises take action.

Prototype Production for Mass Production

Mold and Jig Design and Production

Molds are finished by craftspeople with the help of 3D modeling and an MC.

Prototype Production for Mass Production 1
Prototype Production for Mass Production 2
Flow Analysis

Flow Analysis

Flow analysis is used to solve mold problems, starting with the design stage.

Injection Molding

We are capable of handling a wide variety of molding materials.

Injection Molding 1
Injection Molding 2
Vibration Welding

Vibration Welding

We also produce jigs specifically for vibration welding.

Delivery (Quality Assurance)

Delivery (Quality Assurance)

Development-Support Prototype Production


We use a stereolithography system in the production of some products.

Development-Support Prototype Production 1
Development-Support Prototype Production 2
Vacuum Casting 1
Vacuum Casting 2

Vacuum Casting

Using stereolithography we also produce silicone rubber molds based on other products, and then use the molds to make cast products.

Hot Air Welding

Another advantage of MoldGiken is its proprietary resin welding technologies.

Cut Resin Products

Cut Resin Products

We produce cut resin products, which have been cut and welded.

Delivery (Quality Assurance)