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Q Can you handle small lots as well?

A Yes, we are especially good at handling small-lot prototype production of resin parts. Depending on the delivery date and cost, we can also propose vacuum casting and stereolithography.

Q How long might a delivery take?

A Delivery times differ depending on the needs (details and number of lots) of each customer, but our production and processing can be completed within a short period. We can also quickly handle urgent orders.

Q Can you process any kind of material?

A We use ZAS (zinc alloy) as our main mold material, but we can also process iron, aluminum, and copper alloys. In terms of resin processing, while we are particularly good at PP and PA processing, we can also handle materials that include additives, such as glass fibers.

Q What kinds of industry products do you deal with?

A Most of our products are related to automotive parts, ship parts, and medical equipment, but we welcome inquiries from other industries as well.

Q In what areas are you especially proficient?

A We are especially capable in the small-lot production of prototype parts, which demands quick delivery time and high quality.

Q What types of processing are you most skilled at?

A In terms of mold production, we are very good at the deep digging processing of injection molds using ZAS. Also, because our company handles die-sink electrical discharge machining, wire-cut machining, and graphite electrode machining, we are able to provide consistent quality with a quick delivery time. We are also skilled in the application of hot air welding to resin products.

Q Can you handle orders that start with materials procurement?

A Certainly, and we can also process any supplied materials.

Q What kinds of molding and casting materials are there?

A In terms of molding materials, we have experience handling super engineering plastics and fiber-reinforced plastics, including PP, PPA, PC, POM, and PBT. In terms of casting materials, we deal with ABS, acrylic, PP, elastomers, and more.

Q How do you conduct product inspections?

A After processing, we conduct an inspection in which we use measuring tools. For resin products, our quality control division also uses 3D measuring instruments during a rigorous inspection. So you can rest assured that any products you order from us will be of high quality.

Q Can you also provide proposals on how to cut costs?

A Yes, we can. We offer proposals related to production efficiency, starting with the design stage and including information on the structure and quality of the material, specific to how and where the product will be used and its plastic materials.

Q Do you have any operations in the United States?

A We do not currently have an office in the United States, however some of our employees in Japan do speak English. Moreover, most of our products can be shipped by air. If you would like to know more, please contact us.