CAD and Large-Scale Facilities that Respond Quickly to Customer Needs

Our high-end CAD systems and large-scale facilities allow us to respond to a wide variety of customer needs both large and small. We also achieve fast prototype production with high cost benefits because of these cutting-edge facilities as well as our highly skilled craftspeople who are remarkably capable with their hands. Moreover, our hot air welding technologies are effective for processing even non-standard materials, and we are extremely flexible in terms of our capacity to address customer needs. With our comprehensive facilities, craftspeople, and factory, we produce high-quality products.

Processing Categories

Major Categories Sub-categories
Metal design Injection molds (prototype production and mass production)
Product design 3D modeling
Simulation Resin flow analysis
Jig design Vibration welding jigs, various other jig types (for inspection and testing)
Machining Simultaneous 5-axis machining, 5-face 5-axis machining, machining (vertical), NC milling, 3D handling, 2.5D handling
Cutting (resin) Machining, milling, lathe machining, 3D handling, 2.5D handling
Other machining Wire machining, electrical discharge machining
Workpieces Iron, aluminum, ZAS, copper, graphite, resin
Metal processing Injection molds, vibration welding jigs, various other jig types, metal parts
Resin processing Cutting, molding, vacuum casting, HW processing, injection molding, welding
Prototype processing (rapid prototyping) Stereolithography, powder molding, ABS molding
Plastic molds (processing category) Design, production, parts processing, plate processing, mold bases, NC data creation, 3D modeling
Plastic molds (processing method) Injection molds, vacuum casting, insert molding, outsert molding, molds with built-in heaters
Plastic molds (machine size) 60 t to 300 t, 300 t to less than 1,000 t